The Fequiere Fitness Ab Workout Book For Women

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Get The Abs You've Always Dreamed Of      

Daniel Fequiere has created a groundbreaking fitness tutorial designed to help women get the abs they've always dreamed of.  Along the way, he provides helpful tips, inspiration and scripture verses to get you reconnected to who you truly are - a peak performer who is proud of your potential.       

Daniel has been training clients now for over a decade in different conditioning drills, from ab workouts, H.I.I.T exercises, calisthenics, weight room, boot camps and more. Because of his passion for health, he studies and engages in all areas of fitness to learn how to develop the human body to be stronger. Daniel inspires those around him to get rid of excuses and become the healthiest version of themselves, just as God intended. This book shows you:

  • Ab workouts designed to work for a woman's body
  • Fitness Journal
  • Nutrition guide to each foods that help you get abs
  • And so much more!

The Fequiere Fitness Ab Workout Book For Women (Spiral-Bound Book) shows you Daniel's ab workout book for women designed to help you get the abs you've always wanted. Grab your copy today so you can get started now.

DANIEL FEQUIERE is an author, fitness and health coach. He participates in marathons, obstacle courses races, and relays, and also trains athletes as they prepare to run their own races. His unique method of creating effective workouts for clients recovering from illness has allowed him to help students see an incredible transformation in their lives.  See how your life can change with your copy now.