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Ready to learn fitness trainer Daniel Fequiere's framework for getting a bigger and stronger butt with 20 simple glute exercises using a resistance band?

Then The Fequiere Fitness Glute Workout eBook and video training is just for you.



This eBook includes:

  • The Fequiere Fitness Glute Workout 165 Page Full-Color eBook digitally delivered to you immediately after purchase ($47 Value)
  • The Fequiere Fitness Glute Workout 21-minute video training digitally delivered to you immediately after purchase ($97 Value)
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When you order your eBook, you will immediately receive a link to download the digital eBook which contains a link to the video training on page 2.  



Welcome to the Fequiere Fitness Resistance Band Workout. My name is Daniel Fequiere, Founder and CEO of Fequiere Fitness, and my mission is to help those who have suffered an illness or setback get back to peak performance.

I wrote this ebook for any person who wants to build bigger and stronger glutes effectively. I know what it’s like to go to a gym and not be sure where to start. I know what it’s like to look around and not know what equipment to use. I know what it’s like to keep searching videos and blog articles, trying to find the right workouts to get the results you want. And that’s why I wanted to create this resistance band workout, so I can share the resistance band techniques that have helped me build bigger glutes in the comfort of my own home.



As the founder and CEO of Fequiere Fitness, I’ve had the blessing of training clients through my virtual bootcamps and seeing what resistance band workouts get them results and what workouts aren’t effectively targeting the right muscles.

This ebook includes my 20 resistance band workouts that I’ve used effectively to get the results that I want, and my clients get the results they want. If you’d like to join me in one of my virtual fitness Bootcamps, email me at, or message me on Instagram @fequierefitness so I can send you a link to get started.

Welcome to the Fequiere Fitness Resistance Band Workout eBook. I can’t wait to see your results.


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