Meet Daniel Fequiere

Daniel Fequiere is an author, fitness and health coach.  He has built a groundbreaking fitness program designed to help performers get back to their ideal weight, habits, and diet. Along the way, he provides helpful tips, inspiration and scripture verses to get you reconnected to who you truly are - a peak performer who is proud of your potential.

Daniel has been training clients now for over a decade in different conditioning drills, from track workouts, H.I.I.T. exercises, calisthenics, weight room, bootcamps and more. Because of his passion for heath, he studies and engages in all areas of fitness to learn how to develop the human body to be stronger.

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About Fequiere Fitness

Daniel Fequiere began the official "Fequiere Fitness" brand after recovering from an illness that kept him from working out for 3 months straight.  During that period, he gained 30 pounds and struggled to walk even 10 minutes.  

After recovering from his illness - all glory to God - Daniel launched his brand to help others reclaim their lifestyle just like the Lord allowed him to do.  The Fequiere Fitness brand is based on 3 principles:

1) God created you for greatness. Illness has no right to get in the way of that.

2) The human body is capable of achieving more than we think it can.  All you need is a friendly push to get you to peak performance.

3) Weakness is a choice. With the right trainer, you'll be able to achieve fitness goals and move past fitness plateus' faster than you ever have before.

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"Daniel's workouts are designed to push you to see just what you can accomplish, while showing you how you've been doubting yourself."

Hershley Basile